Partners in Education

“Cultivated young minds by caring adults have endless potential.”

Douglas T. Hiscox, Ed.D. Co-founder of the Carefree Education Service Group
The K-12 Community of Scholars Network was established to provide children of all ages, the tools and experiences in their “Learning Journey” that will bring out the best in every young scholar. The early “Learning Journey” of every child becomes the foundation of that child’s future. Join the network of families and educators across the country that are committed to bringing out the best in the children they influence every day.
The K-12 Community of Scholars Network has partnered with the “All Choices Matter organization to broaden the “Learning Journey” experience. Careers: Employment, Enlisting, Enrollment, Entrepreneurship, Career Interviews, Workforce Readiness Character: Character Building, Courage, Creativity, Determination, Gratitude, Human Rights, Kindness, Leadership, Perseverance, Self Esteem, Uniqueness
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