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Expanding Every Young Scholar’s “Learning Journey” Experiences The k-12 Community of Scholars Network provides parents access to resource that enrich the family support of their young scholar’s “Learning Journey”. (sample video) Young scholars and their parents can explore together career pathways and employment requirements. (sample video) Young scholars have access to the “All Choices Matter” local, regional, and national activities, events, and competitions that bring out the best in every young scholar. o “All Choices Matter” Project Based Clubs o Money and Finance Club o The Mitas Touch “Entrepreneur” Club o Team Challenge Club o Young Scholars Events o Shark Tank Competion o All Choices Matter - Leadership Summits o All Choices Matter - Virtual Career Fairs for Grades 5-6, 7-8, 9-12) And much more……..The K-12 Community of Scholars Network, in partnership with all of the network families is committed to continually building the resources and experiences that bring out the best in every young scholar.

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“Educating Every Child One Family at a Time”

K-12 Community of Scholars Network
Imagine teaching your child or when you taught your child to walk, ride a bike, swim, climb, dance, play an instrument, etc. The more complex the skills become, the more support is needed. Parenting is teaching…..In the world of athletics, parents teach their children to the levels of their own understanding and then turn to coaches, specialists, tutors or other means to develop their child’s skills. Developing the mind is no different than developing physical skills and attributes. “Discover, Practice, Apply, Reflect, Growth” The “K12 Community of Scholars Network” is partnering with families in leading the way in expanding their young scholar’s “Learning Journey” of discovering knowledge, applying what has been learned, and celebrating their achievements.
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