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Targeted Professional Learning Services

Why would you need professional targeted learning?

Too often districts create plans and make purchases and those become the final steps in the process. Let Carefree Education Service Group provide the support needed for district personnel to implement a new resource as it is intended to get the highest academic results possible. We can also provide the necessary guidance and learning that is needed for members of the district to achieve the goals and plans created for district success.

What does targeted professional learning look like?

Carefree Education Service Group will provide a customized plan based on the goals, and/or purchases the district has made. These are some areas of possible support, but is not exhaustive. Resource/textbook adoption and implementation Professional learning communities Effective teacher and administrator evaluations

Whether it be

an individual, small targeted group, or schoolwide need, the Carefree Education Service Group can assist with establishing targeted professional learning goals along with customized solutions for implementation Once a plan is set, a goal is developed, or materials are purchased, professional learning becomes a priority. Carefree Education Service Group can provide the support, guidance, and learning needed to ensure success