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Strategic Planning and Implementation Services

Why have a strategic plan?

School leaders across the country for a long time have realized the importance of investing time with their greater community to create a master blueprint that provides organizational guidance by defining expected district outcomes. Eliminate the feeling of organization overload with implementing a strategic “Operational Blueprint to Graduation”.

What support services can you expect?

The Carefree Education Service Group is a full service organization that will customize the level of support needed. The full service includes partnering with your district, schools, educators, and community to: Facilitate the planning process Provide the established blueprint guide for your district’s PreK to Graduation learning experience Manage the implementation of the plan Provide semi and annual progress reports

What this could mean to your school community.

What this could mean to you school community. The strategic planning process will provide deep, provocative conversations with the entire community allow stakeholders to wrestle with how the world is changing and the implications those changes have for their school systems. Such questions as: How does the district best equip all students for tomorrow’s workforce? How do the district best prepare students to be lifelong learners? Done well, the planning process will ensure that everyone with a stake in the plan is putting it into action in classrooms, at home, and in the community—as a natural part of all they do. This means redesigning learning experiences, refocusing on students’ needs, and redefining success.

Are you looking to

create or implement a strategic plan that ensures the district’s PreK-12 Operational Blueprint to Graduation? The Carefree Education Service Group can facilitate creating the plan as well as managing the implementation of the plan.