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School Improvement Plan Services

Already receiving Support

If you are already receiving assistance, the Carefree Education Service Group can work alongside your State Support Team and/or Educational Service Center to provide any level of support they may not be able to provide.

Identified but not Eligible to receive State Support services

The Carefree Education Service Group can provide a full range of customized services that will assist with the needs assessment process carrying out all aspects of implementing an approved school improvement plan.

Youhave received a “School Quality Improvement Grant”


The SQIG requires a great deal record keeping, monitoring, and reporting. The Carefree Education Service Group’s full service grant management service can eliminate the magerial compliance requiremnts of the grant so the district or school can concentrate on achieving the intended outcomes.

No matter what your

“School Improvement” state identified status is the Carefree Education Service Group can provide you with customized services to meet the components of your district or school plan.