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Grant Management Services

Why would you need grant management services?

Any building project should have a project manager that keeps the project on schedule and doesn’t allow it to stray from the intended outcome. Utilizing grant funds is a lot like a building project when it comes to the time required to oversee the details. As the benefactor of receiving grant funds it is sometimes difficult to remain focused on implementation and achieving the intended outcomes while managing the compliance requirements. The Carefree Education Service Group will help manage the project so your time is best spent on the intended outcomes.

Customized Grant Management Services

As the grant recipient, you determine how much support is needed. The Carefree Education Service Group will customize the level of support to meet your needs, giving your organization more time to concentrate on obtaining the intended outcomes. Support examples: Detailed timelines Ordering materials/supplies Record keeping Compliance reporting Scheduled progress reports CCCIP requirements Handling all compliance requirements

What type of grants can Carefree Education Service Group


The Carefree Education Service Group can handle managing any type or size grant (Federal, State of private). Specialty Area: Managing all the requirements, including CCIP application and compliance, for State and Federal grants run through the Ohio Department of Education.

Grant management services

can handle all compliance requirements so the grant recipient can be focused on achieving the expected grant outcomes.