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Curriculum and Instruction Support

Carefree Education Service Group can provide a customized solution that will address any curriculum and instruction issue from classroom support to district wide projects. The Carefree Education Service Group can work in your district to observe instruction and the curriculum that’s being used. The Carefree Education Service Group can provide an analysis to see if the learning standards are being met by current practices and resources. The Carefree Education Service Group can also provide follow up professional development through classroom mentoring and coaching that will help bring instruction into alignment.

Curriculum and Instruction Audit

Carefree ESG can spend the necessary time in your district to examine instructional practices and the curriculum and resources being used to determine if they are in alignment with Ohio’s Learning Standards. We can also provide feedback that shows whether the district is aligned vertically and if these practices are consistent across all classrooms within the district.

Unpacking Standards

Most educators will say they are teaching the current learning standards. Which is typically true. Our team can help educators unpack the standards to see how standards connect to one another in and across grade levels. We can also help educators determine if their instruction reaches to depth and true intent behind each standard.

Coaching and Mentoring

Sometimes it’s just easier to learn something when you watch someone do it or you work together to do it. Carefree ESG can provide classroom coaching experiences where a highly qualified instructional coach will model for a teacher, team teach a lesson and offer constructive feedback based on Ohio’s Learning Standards and best instructional practices.

Integrated Data Management

The Carefree Education Service Group can provide a solution to any data magement chllenge you nay be facing. CarefreeESG has a partnership with a highly successful data management group ( Two CanTechLLC ) that can provide efficient data collection and analysis tools for this work as well as in the areas of graduation requirements, ELL, Gifted, Special Education, and evaluations.