Carefree Education Service Group
CarefreeESG is committed to providing customized solutions that focus on building the capacity of districts/schools to carry out their mission of educating tomorrow’s leaders. Contact us if you have barriers getting in the way of meeting your mission and we will work with you to find ways to remove those obstacles
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CarefreeESG services are not limited to the following.

CarefreeESG can provide customized strategic planning and management services ranging from facilitating the strategic planning process to providing full implementation oversight, maintaining all supporting documents, conducting annual reviews, and addressing other specific requests.
There are two parts to the grant process. First, writing and receiving the grant. Second, managing the compliance implementation of the grant. CarefreeESG has a partnership with a highly successful grant writing group ( EnvisionEd Plus ) that can assist in finding and writing targeted grants. CarefreeESG can provide a customized solution to managing all compliance requirements of any size grant.
CarefreeESG can provide a customized solution when a district or school faces capacity obstacles that challenge school improvement plan implementation pace and fidelity.
Whether it be an individual, small targeted group, or schoolwide need, CarefreeESG can assist with establishing targeted professional learning goals along with customized solutions for implementation.
CarefreeESG can provide a customized solution that will address any curriculum and instruction issue from classroom support to district wide projects. CarefreeESG has a partnership with a highly successful data management group ( Two CanTechLLC ) that can provide efficient data collection and analysis tools for this work as well as in the areas of ELL, Gifted, Special Education, and evaluations.