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Two Can Tech LLC

Two Can Tech LLC has a suite of products

dedicated to meeting the needs of educators, therapists, parents and students. A sampling of their products is included below.

Supplemental Educational Activities for Learning

(S.E.A.L.) Products:

Money Skills Acquisition Curriculum is a complete curriculum to teach money skills. Using the Boom Card format, it integrates errorless learning to take students along its 19 levels. Mastery of 85% is recommended to move onto the next level - maintenance of concepts is integrated into the program. Includes 39 Decks - 456 Cards. It is auto-grading and incorporates drag and drop of realistic photos of U.S. coins and bills. This Curriculum has been used successfully for over 25 years and is effective for all students, including those with disabilities. Dolch Word Lists with incorporated self-graphing Data-CAT checklists and various other printable products useful to both teachers and parents. New Products are added frequently.
Partners in Education

Data-CAT (Data - Collect, Analyze, Target)

Data-CAT is a comprehensive system for effective data management. It allows for efficient recording and analysis of data. Users can select from over 150 custom forms to print for use in student data collection binders.