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Two Can Tech LLC

Two Can Tech LLC has a suite of products

dedicated to helping districts efficiently administer and track graduation options for students by allowing for accurate reporting of student progress and verification of state reports. S.O.A.R. graduation applications allow districts to efficiently develop Capstone, Community Service / Work Experience and OhioMeansJobs Readiness Seal documents and generate professional reports for students in minutes which include integrated rubrics and hour logs. Products available in S.O.A.R. Graduation Solutions Graduate Ohio Allows districts to track graduation options for students including WorkKeys, industry credentials and ACT/SAT results Incorporates an optional credit tracking system for those districts interested in utilizing a digital format Produces professional reports Allows for efficient recording and verification of EMIS data Graduation Options Allows for efficient tracking of Work Experience and Communiy Service documents and service hours Students enter their information using a web-based application accessible from any computer or smart phone with internet access Advisors record approvals and verify hours with a touch of a button Incorporates selection options for Professional and Academic Learning Outcomes entry OhioMeansJobs OhioMeansJobs Readiness Seal Rubric is integrated within the application and allows for efficient generation of student reports Allows for multiple administations for districts that intend to utilize this tool for students and parents at an earlier age to help shape skills that support success Capstone Ohio Allows for efficient management and tracking of student Capstone projects form proposals and mentors to timeline monitoring and evaluations Incorporates integrated Student Performance Rubric Utilizes integrated Capstone checklist for easy and accurate recording of student progress

Additional SOAR Products:

Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES) with integrated rubric reporting for teachers, counselors, media specialists, speech/language pathologists and school psychologists SOAR- EL (English Learner) generates professional English Learner notifications and plans and incorporates an integrated EL identification database Bullying Tracking and Recording with Integrated Student Support Plan Special Services Tracking to ensure accuracy of state funding reporting data for Special Education ans Section 504 SLO Solution (Student Learning Objectives) saves district teams significant time while allowing for generation of professional reports WEP for generation of professional Written Education Plans (WEPs) in minutes while allowing verification of EMIS information crucial for accurate district / school report cards Gifted ID for easily managing state gifted identification data from approved assessments

Data-CAT (Data - Collect, Analyze, Target)

Data-CAT is a comprehensive system for effective data management. It allows for efficient recording and analysis of data. Users can select from over 150 custom forms to print for use in student data collection binders.
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