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Partners in Education

Christine A. Kovach,


Two Can Tech LLC

As a retired Pupil Services Director, Dr. Kovach is eager to share her extensive experience and expertise with districts to help them facilitate creation of optimal learning environments for all students to thrive.

Maureen Kovach

Newell, B.A., COTA/L

Two Can Tech LLC With a B.A. in design and an A.A.S. in Occupational Therapy, Maureen utilizes her varied educational and professional experiences to bring quality services and products to districts, teachers and therapists.

Kathleen Cirillo,


Career Skills


Dr. Katleen Cirillo, for over 30 years, has been working and training in schools and in youth organizations throughout out United States with only one mission in mind: to inspire and help people reach their highest potential. She is passionate about working with young people who have a dream of success and the dedicated teachers who assist them in making their dreams become a reality.

Michelle D. Thomas,


James Franklin Group


Dr. Michelle D. Thomas is President of the James Franklin Group, LLC, which focuses oneducation and leadership. Dr. Thomas has experience in program design, facilitation, curriculumand instruction, and educational leadership. She is the founder of a Young Women’s Leadership Academy (YWLA) designed for girls in Grades 5- 16+ who have demonstrated academic talent and leadership potential. Dr. Thomas has been in education for nearly 30 years and has focused on curriculum and instruction for over 20 years.