Transform your classroom into a positive productive learning environment. Establish a learning environment that will bring out the best in every student by teaching them the high-performance principles of the “Game Changer Terrific -10” behaviors through games, activities, videos, and personal interaction. Engage your students in the “Game Changer Challenge” and watch challenging behaviors turn to productive behaviors. The training plus the digital resources will give you the understanding and tools to teach “Game Changer” behaviors that will have a life impact on your students.
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Game Changer: Leadership and Social & Emotional Skills Development for Young Adults Two ways to bring this impactful training to your school (1) Train-the-Teacher Model (Virtual Only) - 1 Day (2) Student Training (In Person Only) - 2 Day
Above the Line Performance: Becoming Your Best from the Inside Out Training for School Administrators and Teachers (In Person Only - 2 Day)
Do you like to have FUN while learning? Do you like interactive games? Do you want to embrace a positive learning environment in your classroom? If yes – THIS TRAINING IS FOR YOU!
WHAT STUDENTS LEARN: Leadership, social and emotional intelligence skills that people NOTICE and employers HIRE! How to work in teams and build positive relationships. How to speak to an audience and actively listen. How to make a positive impression on everyone you meet. How to identify and overcome limiting beliefs. How to develop GRIT (set goals and work hard without giving up). How to protect yourself and others against gossip, putdowns, and fighting. How to always think good thoughts about yourself and others. Wellness practices of high-performing athletes and executives & much, much more….
OVERVIEW Maximizing the potential of your organization’s greatest resource, its people, represents the most critical factor in addressing today’s school environment. Many employees are good, talented workers who do their job well, work hard,  live for their children and find joy in the weekend. It is certainly a comfortable way to live.  “When employees transform into mission-minded champions and                                                                  collectively have a desire to reach their highest calling, we call this:  Above the Line Performance.” This only happens when top performance is the norm and below the line behaviors are appropriately addressed; always “calling-out” greatness in your staff. Achieving Above the Line Performance requires leadership that is committed to the creation of positive relationships and a culture that models and fosters individual and collective excellence in performance.   OUR APPROACH Above the Line Performance training is much more than a “sit and get” experience. It is a research-based, 2-day, participatory and skill-building process that involves facilitator modeling, feedback from performance coaches and a variety of other interactive teaching strategies. It is fast-paced but strategically orchestrated to assure interest and excitement.   OBJECTIVES: You and your staff will:  •	Trust, care about one another and find joy in the workplace. •	Live by an agreement that emphasizes respecting and valuing one another. •	Become “mission-minded” champions who have a “growth-mindset” and a “can do” attitude, giving their best 100% and assuming                            •	Have a desire for feedback and coaching – always looking to improve and strive for service delivery excellence.  •	Understand the benefits of living personal wellness practices that decrease stress and increase performance, and  •	Be committed to participating in Intentional Behavioral Practices that positively affect work attitude, staff morale and absenteeism      SCHOOL CLIENT: RESEARCH There is no question that Career Skills Network is passionate, committed and driven by positive outcomes. In school systems, an environment that is devastated by budget cuts, employee stress, job turnover, and low morale, researchers found that a group who completed the Above the Line Performance training significantly (p < .0001) improved: (1)  workplace relationships with staff and students, (2) discipline management in classrooms, (3) staff morale and the social/emotional/physical well-being of participants compared to a control group.   Please see for see the full article. It was also concluded that with further research, this process may also positively effect job retention, teacher and student absenteeism, and health care expenditures.   SCHOOL CLIENT: OUTCOMES When the Above the Line Performance behaviors are implemented – the result is a united staff with positive morale and a powerful learning environment for students. It also produces life leaders who have the knowledge and skill-sets to live well, develop healthy relationships and model the character traits that students must acquire to reach their highest potential.     “We celebrate your desire to “call out” greatness in your staff so they can reach their highest potential, impact lives and leave a positive legacy.” Contact information: Email:  Phone: (979) 574-0955       responsibility for their actions and outcomes.  thereby decreasing the tremendous cost of employee turnover. CLICK HERE About Game Changer Testimonials CLICK HERE
To schedule the Above the Line Performance training at your school Contact Dr. Kathleen Cirillo @ (979) 574-0955 for booking and registration information.
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To schedule the Game Changer student training at your school Contact Dr. Kathleen Cirillo @ (979) 574-0955 for booking and registration information.
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